Continuing Education Programs

Interested in working in the health care field?

Electrocardiogram (EKG-12 Leads) Technician Course

This course will prepare you to work as an EKG technician in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices and other health care facilities.  After completing this course you will be able to analyze cardiac rhythms and 12 lead EKGs. 

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Basic Clinical Skills for Pre-Health

This continuing education course will provide pre-health students the opportunity to obtain meaningful basic clinical skills such as patient care prior to entering a health-related graduate program.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Test Prep Course (CNA)

This continuing education course is a test preparation course intended for students to “challenge” the CNA exam.  This exam preparation course is not affiliated with any certifying boards. 

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Application Preparation for Pre-med Students (APPS)

APPS is a 3-day intense application preparation program for pre-medical students. This opportunity will help highly motivated students learn how to showcase their abilities, skills and motivation throughout the application process to medical school.

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Assisted Reproductive Technology Certificate Course

This 5-week certificate course in Assisted Reproductive Technology, is intended for current professionals and non-professional students contemplating a career in human  reproductive medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing,  biomedical sciences and other allied life science programs.

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DNA Forensics Certificate Course

This certificate course in DNA Forensics is intended for current professionals and non-professional students contemplating a career in biotech, forensic science, criminal justice and other allied life science programs. 

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Unlocking Organic Chemistry (UNLOC)©

This comprehensive 40-hour course (over 10 sessions) is intended to provide students with the skills they will need to succeed in their studies of Organic Chemistry 1. The course would be most beneficial to students who completed General Chemistry 2 with the letter grade of a C or for students who did not pass Organic Chemistry 1. 

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