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College Launches ScIOS: Science Intensive Orientation for Students

Science Intensive Orientation for Students (ScIOS) helps freshman Biology and Psychology students succeed in science! Prior to the start of the semester, freshman can get a head start and enroll in the four-day ScIOS program designed specifically to help Biology and Psychology majors succeed in introductory science classes. Read more.

2018 Future Doctor's Reception

Congratulations to the future doctors who began their journey here at FAU! Forty-two FAU students will go on to attend medical schools across the nation. Read more.

The College of Science Appoints Diversity & Inclusion Officer

The Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Ata Sarajedini, recently appointed Ms. Latarsha Morgan (pictured left) as the Assistant Director for Diversity & Inclusion. 
Read more here about Latarsha Morgan!

FAU Self-Driven a HUGE Success at the Museum of Discovery and Science


Partner with the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science as we race towards excellence!

Dean Ata

"We have an unprecedented obligation and opportunity to provide our students and community with the highest caliber of research, scientific invention, and education in the country." Ata Sarajedini, Ph.D., Dean, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

National Save the Sea Turtle Foundation partners with students and researchers at FAU research lab!


 Congratulations 3MT Champion and Peoples Choice Boris Tezak

3MT championship winner

Boris Tezak's research identifies the sex of baby sea turtles to better predict gender ratios of south Florida's turtle population. Find out more about 3MT here.

Watch the video here!


U.S. Congressman Pays King Tide in Fort Lauderdale a Visit

U.S. Representative Ted Deutch wades through tidal flooding in Fort Lauderdale on Oct. 17, 2016.
Photo courtesy of Peter Haden / WLRN

Read the full article here

The Florida Alga Bloom (Update 2018)

Study finds the source of toxic green algal blooms and the results stink. Watch the video here!

  Tiger Shark







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