Even Colleges with 100 Percent Vaccine Rates Need COVID-19 Testing

covid newsdesk francis motta

A study performed by Francis Motta, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics, suggests that surveillance testing and isolation of positive cases may remain important mitigation strategies for universities even if 100 percent of the students are vaccinated against COVID-19. Read more.

Eliminate COVID-19? It's Possible Based on New Mathematical Models

covid newsdesk necibe

Necibe Tuncer, Ph.D., study author and an associate professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, and collaborators, are the first to introduce a novel mathematical framework to study the interplay between infectious diseases, human behavior, and economic growth. Read more.

FAU Department of Geosciences Receives U.S. DOE Exploratory Grant for Novel Radar Prototype

everglades newsdesk

Scientists from the Department of Geosciences have received an exploratory grant from the United States Department of Energy for a novel ground-penetrating radar prototype to efficiently identify hot spots and hot moments for biogenic gas accumulation and release in the subtropical peat soils of Florida’s Everglades. Read more.

Molecular Study Finds Indian River Lagoon Green Sea Turtles Biologically Stressed

vallacher wptv 5 to the point

Researchers from the Schmidt College of Science found that habitat quality, disease state, and immune function are intertwined, impacting juvenile green sea turtles. Read more.

Sleep Research Earns FAU Scientist "Alzheimer's Association" Award

vallacher wptv 5 to the point

FAU Department of Psychology Assistant Professor, Carmen Varela, Ph.D., recently received the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Research Fellowship to Promote Diversity” award to investigate the relationship between sleep patterns and one’s overall brain health. Read more.

Robin Vallacher Interviewed on WPTV's "To the Point"

vallacher wptv 5 to the point

Interim Chair and Professor of the Department of Psychology, Robin Vallacher, Ph.D., (pictured left) was interviewed alongside FAU Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, Kevin Wagner, Ph.D., on West Palm Beach's WPTV 5 show "To the Point." Vallacher and Wagner discussed how social media has changed our political discourse. Watch here.

Monica Rosselli Recognized with HNS Lifetime Achievement Award

monica rosselli hns award

Professor and Associate Chair of the Department of Psychology, Monica Rosselli, Ph.D., was awarded the Lifetime Achievement in Cultural Neuropsychology Award by the Hispanic Neuropsychological Society (HNS). Read more.

'Octo Girl' Takes Deep Dive to Uncover How Octopus Species Coexist

coping in college news desk

Researchers from the Schmidt College of Science and collaborators conducted the first long-term study in a South Florida lagoon to discover how different octopus species coexist. Read more.

Salvatore Lepore Recognized by National Academy of Inventors

coping in college news desk

Chemistry and Biochemistry Professor Salvatore Lepore, Ph.D., was selected for induction into the FAU Chapter of the National Academy of Inventors. Read more.

Get Prepared for High Demand Careers with an M.S. in Data Science and Analytics

Graduate student Kerry-Ann Bartley shares how the M.S. in Data Science and Analytics program in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science provides training in analytic tools, preparing students with transferrable real world skills. Learn more.

Coping in College? Female Students Much More Stressed Than Males

coping in college news desk

In a study, recently published in PLOS ONE, researchers in the Department of Exercise and Health Promotion examined stress levels within the genders of undergraduate college students and discovered that female students were much more stressed than their male counterparts. Read more.

Pre-Health Advising Comes to the Jupiter Campus

jupiter pre health advising

Pre-Health Professions Office advising is now available on the Jupiter campus. Meet with a pre-health advisor on Thursdays throughout the Fall 2021 semester. A range of pre-health services and programming will now be available to students on the Jupiter campus. Learn more.

Student Spotlight: Soar-in-4 Scholar Jorge Torres

jorge torres

Jorge Torres is a pre-medical track student working towards a B.S. in Biological Sciences, and is a member of the Tiny Earth Lab, researching antibiotic producing bacteria found in the soil. He is also a member of the Soar-in-4 program. Read more.

Varying Language Styles Personalize News

news language story

Two FAU researchers recently released results of an international study on the social psychology of three United States presidential elections. The results show distinct linguistic styles between two major networks, Fox News and MSNBC. Read more.

Discovery ‘Offsets’ Disease: FAU Scientists Patent Protective Compound to Slow Brain Degeneration

dawson-scully and salvatore lepore

Two professors recently discovered a compound with the potential to protect brain degeneration, which impacts millions of Americans every year who suffer from diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s. Read more.

FAU Experts for the 2021 Hurricane Season

hurricane experts

With hurricane season in full force, several Florida Atlantic University faculty experts, including from the Schmidt College of Science, are available to discuss various issues surrounding hurricane preparedness, evacuation and aftermath with the media. Read more.

Global Impact: Worldwide Research Changing the Future

global impact research

Home to a diverse community of researchers, including faculty, staff, student and postdoctoral fellows, FAU’s global reach extends to all corners of the world. Take a look at FAU’s research that is making a worldwide impact. Read more.

Another Record Breaking Year for FAU Researchers

research record

Despite a challenging year due to COVID-19, sponsored research awards to FAU faculty are up, and continue to rise. For the 2021 fiscal year, the Schmidt College of Science research awards amounted to over $10.5 million, up nearly $1 million from the previous fiscal year. Read more on President John Kelly's blog commending research efforts.

FAU's COCE Receives Excellence and Innovation in Online Teaching Award

coce innovation in teaching

FAU’s Center for Online and Continuing Education (COCE) has been selected as the recipient of the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate 2021 Excellence and Innovation in Online Teaching Award for the development of online science labs in collaboration with faculty from the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science. The award submission focused on the innovative use of technology and effective online pedagogy in the development of interactive and immersive online science labs. Read more.

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