Center for Cryptology and Information Security


Bachelor of Management Information Systems (MIS)

MIS is a discipline and a profession that brings information and communication technologies to businesses and society. MIS focuses on the concepts and tools necessary for analyzing, designing, planning, developing, and managing organizational information resources. The program offers specialization in Information Security and Business Analytics.

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for the application of mathematics in industry and scientific research. The program offers a dedicated cryptology track.

Master of Science in Information Technology Management (MSITM)

The program prepares students to work as computer and information systems managers in organizations. It offers an Information Security track.

Graduate degree programs at Florida Atlantic University for Information Assurance

Master of Science with Major in Computer Science

Master of Science with Major in Mathematics

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

Doctor of Philosophy with Major in Computer Science

Doctor of Philosophy with Major in Mathematics