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Requesting a Committee Interview and Letter

FAU’s Pre-Health Professions committee letter is a letter written for students who are applying to health professional programs (this does NOT include master’s/bridge programs/Ph.D. programs). The letter includes input from professors and advisors in the College of Science as well as physicians from the area. This letter reflects highly on the applicant and many schools look for it in your application. Please see below for the requirements for and the process of obtaining a committee letter. 

Requirements for Obtaining a Committee Letter

  • GPA ≥ 3.5 (3.4 under special recommendations)**
  • MCAT ≥ 500
  • DAT ≥ 19
  • GRE ≥ 150

How to Obtain a Committee Letter

1. Open a file with the pre-health office.

To see the steps to open a file, please visit the Open a File web page and follow instructions. 

2. Gather your materials.

You must do the following before requesting an interview:

  • Have 3 to 4 letters of recommendation in your file
  • Have your professional school entrance exam score (MCAT, GRE, DAT, etc.)
  • Have a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  • Have a finalized copy of your personal statement.
  • Fill out the following documents:
  • Have a professional headshot
    Setting up a Career Center appointment for a professional headshot:
    • Log on to Handshake
    • Select “Boca Raton Campus – Main Career Center”
    • Select the type of appointment “Professional Headshot”
    • Select the date/time and select the Appointment Medium as “In Person Main Center” 

3. Request a committee interview.

  • Once you meet the requirements and have all of the materials mentioned in step 2 you can request a committee interview.
  • Please fill out this form  to schedule an interview.
  • Please schedule your mock interview at least 3 days before your committee interview.
  • Once you have your interview scheduled please email with all of the materials listed in step 2 immediately.
  • Title the email in the subject area of the email “COMMITTEE INTERVIEW REQUEST – Your name”

4. Attend you committee interview.

This year, committee interviews are being held on zoom. Here are some helpful tips for your interview:

  • Log in 15 minutes early to avoid any technical issues occurring at the last minute.
  • Have your camera on at all times.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Be in an area with no distractions.
  • Be sure that your background is appropriate. 

5. Beyond the interview.

  • A committee interview does not guarantee that you will receive a letter from the committee members. The committee reserves the right to deny or agree to write a letter of recommendation for a candidate as it sees fit.
  • If a candidate does not meet one of the aforementioned criteria for the committee interview, the Pre-Health office will continue to work with the candidate throughout the application process: review of his/her application and personal statement for medical school, schedule of mock interviews for candidate to help prepare for his/her interviews with a medical school, discuss shadowing opportunity and alternative plans.
  • You can request a copy of your interview recording (feedback of the interview is not recorded). 

6. Uploading the committee letter packet.

  • If you are granted a committee letter, writing the committee's letter can take 7 to 12 days to be ready for upload.
  • The office will charge each applicant a one-time service fee of $40 that will be valid for three years consecutive. Before the office sends any letters to AMCAS/AACOMAS, the applicant will need to log on to Market Place and make the payment accordingly.
  • In order to upload, we will need proof of payment as well as your application ID number and letter ID number.
  • If you are filling out a letter request form, your contact should always be Gina Jones, but the email should always be .
  • We do NOT upload letters for schools outside of the country nor schools in Texas.