Prepare for Success in the Life Science Industry

Florida Atlantic Biotech Bridge connects science and other applicable majors with industry, offering certificate programs that prepare versatile graduates for successful careers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. The innovative coursework is complemented by guidance opportunities from industry experts and experiential learning focused on required laboratory skills.

A rapidly growing high-skill, high-wage workforce:

  • Florida’s bioscience industry is large and growing, with employment increasing by 11% since 2018, matching the national growth rate and reaching nearly 107,000 jobs in 2021.
  • The biosciences industry is diversified – pharmaceutical, medical devices, medical laboratories and research – into more than 6,000 establishments in Florida and provides employment for 87,061 people.
  • The average wage for workers employed in the bioscience industry is $99,000, that is 85% higher than average wage of worker employed in any other private sector.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 7% growth rate for jobs in this sector between 2018 and 2028, which is faster than the projected growth rate of 5% for all other professions.

For students interested in obtaining a graduate degree to enhance their competitive edge in the workforce, the professional science master’s in the business of biotechnology (PSM-BB) option is tailored to the business side of the emerging biotechnology industry.

Who qualifies for this program?

Students with undergraduate training in biology or chemistry are eligible for this program that offers traditional classroom courses in both business and science and culminates with two internship experiences focused on the research lab and the biotech business environments.

What courses are required?

The PSM-BB is a total of 34 credit hours.

Core Courses (10 credits required)

ENT 6016 Venture Creation 3 credits  
ENT 6196 Biotech Business Development 3 credits  
MAN 6946 PSM Business Internship 2 credits  
BSC 6946 PSM Science Internship 2 credits  

Business Courses (9 credits required, choose from list below)

ACG 6027 Financial Accounting Concepts 3 credits  
ENT 6186 Technology Commercialization Strategies 3 credits  
MAR 6837 Developing and Marketing Innovations 3 credits  
MAR 6815 Advanced Marketing Management 3 credits  
MAR 6055 Marketing Functions/Processes 3 credits  
ENT 6426 Entrepreneurship Venture Capital 3 credits  
MAN 6296 Leadership and Organizations 3 credits  
MAN 6156 Human Resources Management 3 credits  
ENT 6116 Advanced Business Plan Development 3 credits  
MAN 6581 Project Management 3 credits  
MAN6609 Cross-Cultural Management and Human Resources 3 credits  

Science Courses (15 credits required)

The science courses are electives.

Scientific and technological advancements continually open new areas of growth in the biotechnology industry, which span the agricultural, industrial and medical fields.

FAU’s Biotechnology Certificate program is designed to encourage and prepare students seeking careers in this rapidly growing industry, focusing on molecular and microbiology techniques and preparation for working in a regulated laboratory setting.

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Who qualifies for these programs?

  • FAU biology and chemistry students with a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Graduates of FAU or other accredited institutions with a bachelor’s degree in biology or chemistry
  • Possible consideration for students in other majors with equivalent academic experience

What courses are required?

Students can complete the certificate program in two years or less. The track is a total of 14 credit hours and includes two lecture courses and four lab courses.

MCB 3023 General Microbiology 3 credits All
MCB 3023L General Microbiology Lab 1 credit All
BCH 3103L Biochemistry Lab 3 credits Fall, Spring
BSC 4403L Lab Methods in Biotechnology 3 credits Spring
PCB 3063 Genetics 4 credits All

Where are these courses held?

All classes and labs are taught on FAU’s Boca Raton campus; however, there is a virtual option for the lecture courses.

In addition to the formal coursework, students are highly encouraged to attend the Florida Atlantic Biotech Bridge Seminar Series.

Pharmaceutical technology is a rapidly growing field involving the design, manufacturing, inspection and packaging of medicines, as well as research for new drugs, their validation, delivery system and scaling up the manufacturing process.

FAU’s Pharmaceutical Technology Certificate program provides students a unique opportunity to understand the drug development process, emphasizing the role of biology, chemistry, biochemical, analytical, formulation and regulatory aspects of drug discovery.

Individuals who plan to pursue a career in the biopharmaceutical industry and have completed higher-level undergraduate courses including organic chemistry II and biochemistry I.

What courses are required?

Students can complete the certificate program in one year or less. The track is a total of 14 credit hours.

Required Courses:

CHM 4274C Introduction to Drug Development 3 credits Fall
CHM 4273 Introduction to Drug Design 3 credits Summer
CHM 4139 Bioanalytical Instrumentation 2 credits Spring
CHM 4139L Bioanalytical Instrumentation Lab 2 credits Spring

Elective Courses:

IDS 3941 Science Internship Course 1-3 credits All
CHM 4220 Organic Chemistry 3 3 credits Fall
CHM 4276C Introduction to Drug Formulation 3 credits Spring
CHM 4350 Structural Biochemistry 3 credits Fall
CHM 4933 Organic Spectroscopy 3 credits All
CHM 4933 Chemical Biology 3 credits Fall
BCH 3103L Biochemistry Laboratory 3 credits Fall, Spring
BCH 4035 Advanced Biochemistry 3 credits Fall
BSC 4932 CMBB Research Seminar 1 credit Fall, Spring

Florida Atlantic Biotech Bridge Seminar Series, supported by the Davimos Foundation, offers a lineup of esteemed speakers from industry and academia to share insights and real-world experience. Each speaker is open to Q&A and dialog with the audience. The seminar series welcomes faculty, students and the community, during the fall and spring semesters, to FAU’s Boca Raton and Jupiter campuses. Presentations are also available online.

Internships are key to Florida Atlantic Biotech Bridge program, offering meaningful, real-world experiences in actual biotechnology or biopharmaceutical companies. These applied learning experiences pave the way for future employment. Program staff and the FAU Career Center work with companies in the South Florida area to help secure professional experience opportunities for students.

Juniors or seniors with a 3.0 GPA or above may also earn academic credit for their internships by enrolling in the science internship course (1-3 credit).

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