Pre-Health Professions File

The semester before you are ready to apply to professional school, stop by SE 308 to open a Pre-Health professions Office File.

  • Waiver Form (We highly recommend that you DO waive your right to look inside your file, as medical schools prefer you do not see your recommendation letters)
  • Evaluation Forms Note: These forms are for students that have opened a file already and are only appropriate for students applying to a Health Professions Graduate Program (Medical/Dental/Veterinary/pharmacy and other health professions).
  • Letter of Recommendation Form

You need a minimum of 2 evaluation forms filled out by Ph.D. professors and returned directly from them to the Pre-Health Professions Office (SE 308) and a minimum of 1 filled out by a health care professional (doctor, dentist, vet, etc).

NOTE: Professors please write a letter to accompany the evaluation form. Feel free to check with the Pre-Health Professions Office to ensure that the student has signed a waiver form denying them access to their file. Please send evaluation forms/letters of recommendation directly to the Pre-Health Professions Office (SE 308).

NOTE: You must complete all of the above before you may be granted a committee meeting.

NOTE: Submit this form AFTER you receive supplemental (secondary applications), to SE 308