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Florida Atlantic University & Max Planck Florida Institute - Integrative Biology and Neuroscience

Welcome to Integrative Biology and Neuroscience at FAU & MPFI!

Rat primary astrocyte cultures lablled with rabbit anti-GFAP primary antibody and counter stained with DAPI Mapping the connections responsible for brain function. Surface view of a part of the brain responsible for vision. Dye-coupling between the giant interneuron and the target motor neurons. Illustration of automated 3D reconstruction and detection of neuronal cell bodies.

The Integrative Biology PhD Program of Florida Atlantic University (FAU) has teamed up with the Max Planck Florida Institute (MPFI) to create a Program in Integrative Biology and Neuroscience (IBAN). The IBAN program is a PhD in Integrative Biology with an emphasis in Neuroscience offering a broad range of training.

Comprehending the full function of the brain, in health and disease, requires the understanding of sub-cellular processes in single neurons, signal integration by the brain and cognitive function. The neuroscience faculty in the IBAN Program will tackle many of the cutting edge questions in neuroscience through the integration of multiple disciplines, different model systems and a broad spectrum of technologies.

Faculty will provide the formal course work and the staff of excellent core facilities will provide practical workshops in advanced methods that will be available for all neuroscience students. The first year curriculum includes classroom and laboratory instruction in cellular, molecular, and systems neuroscience, courses in scientific communication and statistics, and laboratory rotations with select faculty from MPFI, FAU and Scripps Florida.


Dr. Alex Keene has joined FAU’s Biology Department as an Associate Professor and set up his Jupiter-based lab. Keene brings two NSF and two NIH grants to FAU. He studies the genetic basis of sleep and memory using fruit fly and blind Mexican cavefish. Keene has 31 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals. Five graduate students and one postdoc accompany him to FAU.

IBAN Faculty List

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