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Florida Atlantic University & Max Planck Florida Institute - Integrative Biology and Neuroscience

Integrative Biology and Neuroscience Faculty

Name Department/School Research Focus
IBAN Faculty - Janet BlanksDr. Janet Blanks Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, FAU Mammalian retinal development, differentiation & neuroprotection
IBAN Faculty - McLean BoltonDr. McLean Bolton Max Planck Florida Institute Disorders of Neural Circuit Function
IBAN Faculty - Brenda ClaiborneDr. Brenda Claiborne Department of Biological Sciences, FAU Neuron structure and function in development and aging; effects of estrogen on learning and neuronal morphology in a rodent model; right/left differences in hippocampal formation
IBAN Faculty - Jason ChristieDr. Jason Christie Max Planck Florida Institute Mechanisms of Synaptic Signaling and Computation
IBAN Faculty - Ron DavisDr. Ron Davis Scripps Florida Molecular and cellular biology of memory formation and brain disorders
IBAN Faculty - Ken Dawson-ScullyDr. Ken Dawson-Scully Department of Biological Sciences, FAU Neurobiology of cellular stress and neuroprotection
IBAN Faculty - David FitzpatrickDr. David Fitzpatrick Max Planck Florida Institute Functional Architecture and Development of Visual Cortex
IBAN Faculty - Tanja GodenschwegeDr. Tanja Godenschwege Department of Biological Sciences, FAU Neurological disorders & diseases, synaptogenesis
IBAN Faculty - Brock GrillDr. Brock Grill Scripps Florida Molecular mechanisms of axon termination and synapse formation
IBAN Faculty - Kathleen GuthrieDr. Kathleen Guthrie Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, FAU Brain development, regeneration & neurogenesis
IBAN Faculty - William JaDr. William Ja Scripps Florida Molecular genetics of aging, behavior, and disease
IBAN Faculty - Kailiang JiaDr. Kailiang Jia Department of Biological Science, FAU Molecular mechanisms of aging and neurodegeneration
IBAN Faculty - Hyungbae KwonDr. Hyungbae Kwon Max Planck Florida Institute Cellular Basis of Neural Circuit Plasticity
IBAN Faculty - Greg MacleodDr. Greg Macleod Department of Biological Sciences, FAU The influences of mitochondria and pH homeostasis on the release of neurotransmitters
IBAN Faculty - Kirill MartemyanovDr. Kirill Martemyanov Scripps Florida Molecular mechanisms of vision and drug addiction
IBAN Faculty - Sarah MiltonDr. Sarah Milton Department of Biological Sciences, FAU Verterbrate anoxia tolerance, sea turtle physiology
IBAN Faculty - Rod MurpheyDr. Rodney Murphey Department of Biological Sciences, FAU Development and Degeneration of Synapses
IBAN Faculty - Gavin RumbaughDr. Gavin Rumbaugh Scripps Florida Synaptic Plasticity, Memory, Cognition and Disease
IBAN Faculty - Bert SakmannDr. Bert Sakmann Max Planck Florida Institute Digital Neuroanatomy
IBAN Faculty - James SchummersDr. James Schummers Max Planck Florida Institute Cellular Organization of Cortical Circuit Function
IBAN Faculty - Wen ShenDr. Wen Shen Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, FAU Synaptic organization of retinal circuitry, intracellular signal pathways, in vivo and in vitro imaging
IBAN Faculty - Bob StackmanDr. Bob Stackman Department of Psychology, FAU Learning & Memory, Spatial Navigation & Models of Alzheimer's disease
IBAN Faculty - Hiroki TaniguchiDr. Hiroki Taniguchi Max Planck Florida Institute Development and Function of Inhibitory Neural Circuits
IBAN Faculty - Rui TaoDr. Rui Tao Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, FAU Neuropharmacology
IBAN Faculty - Seth TomchikDr. Seth Tomchik Scripps Florida Molecular and circuit mechanisms of learning and memory.
IBAN Faculty - Bob VertesDr. Bob Vertes Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences, FAU Functional organization of the brainstem and neurophysiology of sleep
IBAN Faculty - Jianning WeiDr. Jianning Wei Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, FAU Molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease and Huntington's disease
IBAN Faculty - Herbert WeissbachDr. Herbert Weissbach Center for Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, College of Science, FAU Protecting cells against oxidative damage, cancer drug therapy based on mitochondrial respiration
IBAN Faculty - Jang Yen WuDr. Jang Yen Wu Biomedical Sciences, College of Medicine, FAU Neurotransmitters and neurological disorders
IBAN Faculty - Ryohei YasudaDr. Ryohei Yasuda Max Planck Florida Institute Neuronal Signal Transduction
IBAN Faculty - Samuel Young, Jr.Dr. Samuel Young, Jr. Max Planck Florida Institute Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Function
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