Plan of Study

All students should develop and submit a Plan of Study (POS) online through the MyFAU Graduate College web portal during their first semester. The POS, developed in consultation with a student's advisor, outlines the student's path through the program, specifying which courses will be taken during each semester from matriculation through graduation. The POS must satisfy the ES requirements in effect during the first semester the student enters the program; these requirements can be found in the university catalog. If the ES makes changes to the curriculum after a student's first semester in the program, the student may choose to satisfy the requirements in effect during the semester they graduate. 

Students who do not have a POS on file with the Graduate College by the end of their first semester may become ineligible for further tuition waivers until a POS is submitted.  Students may revise their Plans of Study if it becomes necessary to do so in future semesters.

Course schedules are determined by the academic units that offer these courses, and are subject to change; students should contact the department or instructor offering a particular course if they wish to verify that it will be offered.  A searchable listing of current and anticipated course schedules is can be accessed online through the FAU Registar’s Office .