Undergraduate Programs

The Florida Atlantic University's Department of Exercise Science & Health Promotion's Undergraduate Major is dynamic and exciting. The degree offers a well-rounded selection of courses to prepare the undergraduate for various work environments.

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Undergraduate FAQ

Q. What does the ESHP program prepare me to do?
A. The goal of the program is to prepare students for a variety of careers in exercise science and health promotion. These may include opportunities in corporate fitness, commercial fitness, hospital wellness centers, community health agencies, gerontological health centers, and community recreation agencies. Students may also pursue positions as clinical exercise physiologists, personal trainers, and strength & conditioning specialists.
Q. Will the ESHP program prepare me for graduate study?
A. Yes, the undergraduate program will provide you with a foundation to pursue advanced (graduate) education and careers in related fields, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistant.
Q. Will I be given credit for prior course work?
A. Yes, credit will be given for equivalent course work from other recognized institutions.
Q. How long does the ESHP program take to complete?
A. On a full-time basis, a Bachelor of Science degree can be earned in 4 years.
Q. Is there a specific grade that is needed for the required coursework?
A. A "C" or better is required for all Exercise Science prerequisite, core and elective coursework.

Prerequisite Courses

Activity Classes (2) PEN/PEM Classes 2-4 credits
Anatomy/Physiology I & Il + Labs BSC 1085 & 1086 + Labs 8 credits
College Algebra MAC 1104 3 credits
Elements of Data Process or Info Systems Fundamentals CCS 2000 or ISM 2000 (must complete lab too) 3 credits
First Aid & CPR HSC 2400 or equivalent 2-3 credits
General Chemistry + Lab CHM 1045+Lab or CHM 1040/L & CHM 1041/L or CHM 2045+Lab 4 credits
General Psychology PSY 1012 3 credits
Health and Fitness for Life HSC 2100 2 credits
Intro to Statistics STA 2023 3 credits

Most courses require at least one prerequisite class. Always check with your ESHP Advisor.

FAU ESHP Undergraduate Sequence

Students should have met Gordon Rule, Foreign Language, Intellectual Foundation, other COE requirements, along with ESHP prerequisites. Meet with ESHP advisor when you start taking ESHP classes.

Semester 1 Introduction to ESHP PET 3102 3
Exercise Physiology APK 4110 3
Exercise Physiology Lab APK 4110L 1
Health Promotion HSC 4581 3
Nutrition in Health & Exercise PET 3361 3
Elective (1)** PET/HSC 3
Semester 2 Exercise Leadership 1 PEP 3192 3
Exercise Leadership 2 PEP 3136 3
Fitness Assess & Exercise Prescript PET 4551 3
Exercise Testing PET 4550 3
Exercise Testing Lab PET 4550L 1
Kinesiology PET 4330C 4
Semester 3 Advanced Methods in Strength & Cond PEP 4138 3
Electives (3)**
Neurophysiology of Human Movement PET 3050 3
Semester 4 Management Principles in ESHP PET 4404 3
Internship in ESHP PET 4946 9
Electives: 12 hours Practicum in ESHP PET 4947 3
Intro to Public Health Communication HSC 4664 3
Tactical Strength & Conditioning PET 4092 3
Obesity: Bio Psych & Cult Fact PET 4263 3
Biomechanics PET 4340C 3
Stress Management HSC 4104 3
Substance Abuse HSC 4143 3
Weight Management HSC 4139 3
Perspectives in Health & Wellness HSC 3102 3
Directed Independent Study (Faculty Supervision Required) PET 4905 1 to 3
Other courses (MUST be pre-approved by ESHP advisor) 3
Total: 60 credit hours