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The Department of Exercise Science & Health Promotion (ESHP) emphasizes technology-based instruction to improve critical thinking skills necessary for health-related professions while publishing molecular and behavioral based research that informs lifestyle choices that reduce the occurrence and severity of chronic disease.

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Exercise Science and Health Promotion Scholarships

scholarships Deadline to Apply: Friday, January 14, 2022

Scholarships for undergraduate students ($1,100) and graduate students ($1,200).

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Coping in College? Female Students Much More Stressed Than Males

back squat grit study In a study, recently published in PLOS ONE, researchers in the Department of Exercise and Health Promotion examined stress levels within the genders of undergraduate college students and discovered that female students were much more stressed than their male counterparts. Read more.



True Grit? Doesn’t Matter for Resistance Training in Men or Women

back squat grit study Researchers from the Department of Exercise Science and Health Promotion are the first to examine the relationship between grit and a muscular endurance performance task – specifically, the grueling back squat. The expectation was that a “gritty” individual would perform above normal expectations or, in the context of resistance training, perform more repetitions in a resistance training set. Read more.



Alumnus Chris Ruden Featured on Good Morning America

chris ruden alumnus

Chris Ruden, an alumnus of the Exercise Science and Health Promotion program, and amputee powerlifter, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, was interviewed on Good Morning America about turning adversity into an advantage. Watch here.

Cancer Conundrum: Investigating the Complicated Side Effects of Cachexia

khamoui dor story Researcher Andy Khamoui, Ph.D., from the Department of Exercise Science and Health Promotion, and member of FAU’s I-Health, is researching a life-threatening complication of cancer with limited treatment options, in hopes of finding a treatment. Read more.





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