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PSM Program The CMBB, in conjunction with the College of Business, has also initiated a Professional Science Masters (PSM) degree program in biotechnology. This 2-year program is primarily for students with an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences who would like to obtain further training in both the scientific and business aspects of the biotechnology field. The program will include 2 internships in biotechnology companies that will provide students with exposure to this exciting field. Additional information can be found here  or contact Dr. David Binninger (561-297-3323,


The Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (CMBB) offers a Biotechnology Certificate Program. The purpose of the program is to encourage and recognize students who are planning for a career in a biotechnology-oriented field. The program is open to all students in the departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry & Biochemistry at FAU. Individuals with a baccalaureate degree in biology or chemistry from another institution may also participate. A Biotechnology Certificate will be awarded to students who completed the following courses: 

A Biotechnology Certificate will be awarded to students with an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and the minimum grade indicated for each of the following courses:

Course Number Course Title
BCHL3103 Biochemistry Laboratory (3 credits)
MCB 3023 General Microbiology (3 credits)
MCBL3023 General Microbiology Laboratory (1 credits)
PCB 3063 Genetics (4 credits)
BSCL4403 Biotechnology I Laboratory (2 credits)
BSCL4405 Biotechnology II Laboratory (2 credits)


Successful completion of the Biotechnology Certificate progr am will be indicated on the student’s transcript and a certificate will be awarded by the Center of Exce llence in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (CMBB).
The application form can be downloaded as either a  MS Word  or  PDF  document. The completed form should be returned to the CMBB office in room 223 in the RF Building of the Jupiter Campus. Completed applications may also be sent by e-mail to Ms. Marjorie Cazeau ( ).
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Dr. David Binninger by phone (561.297.3323) or email ( ).