Ph.D. and M.S. Graduate Degree Programs in Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a Ph.D. and M.S. degree program in chemistry. Many research groups participating in the program apply a wide variety of chemical research methods to investigate problems with biological and biomedical relevance. Some groups focus on organic synthesis, physical chemistry, or chemical education. Research opportunities for students extend to faculty with primary appointments in other departments such as the Department of Biological Sciences, the College of Biomedical Sciences, and the Division of Biomedical Marine Research at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. In 2007 about 50 students were enrolled in the graduate program, the majority of them in the Ph.D. program.

Admission Requirements: In addition to the University’s general graduate admission requirements, the normal prerequisite to graduate studies in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is the bachelor of science degree in Chemistry or its equivalent.  Students must have achieved a “B” average in chemistry courses taken at the junior and senior undergraduate levels and a combined score of 1000 or higher on the quantitative and verbal components of the general portion of the Graduate Record Exam.  Most of our Ph.D. students are admitted with a graduating GPA above 3.0 and an GRE of 1200 or higher. Also required are letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, and sufficient TOEFL scores for non-native english speakers.

For questions about admission to the graduate program please contact:

Prof. Predag Cudic by email: or by phone (561) 297-3819

Stipends: Ph.D. and M.S. students are supported by either a Teaching Assistantship (TA) or Research Assistantship (RA) with stipends of currently $20,000 per year (Ph.D.) and $12,000 per year (M.S.).  Outstanding students may receive a signing bonus of up to $5,000!  Graduate students may also be eligible for financial aid.   All students accepted into the program and supported by TA or RA stipends will receive a tuition waiver.

Program Description:
Students are required to complete a number of courses and an original research project. Three core courses are required and three elective courses must be chosen from the catalogue of graduate level courses after approval by the graduate advisor. Students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 in their course work. All graduate students must also participate in a seminar program. Ph.D. students must pass a candidacy exam and present a research proposal. It is expected that the student's Ph.D. research project results in one or more publications in peer reviewed journals (for more details click here).


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Updated August 2008