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Updated: 6/25/2006 by Mark Jackson; send comments and corrections to jacksonm@fau.edu.

United Campus Ministry (UCM) exists at Florida Atlantic University for the purpose of assisting the University in its mission of educating the whole person.  UCM seeks to create an atmosphere in which individuals at the university are engaged in the active pursuit of intellectual and spiritual truths.  It seeks to enhance the quality of community and individual life on and off campus by being available to provide necessary services.  UCM also provides a structure for coordinating respective ministries on the FAU campuses.

UCM Web site: http://www.geocities.com/ucm_fau/

Our next UCM Board meeting is scheduled for July,  2006
UCM Board meeting       Time: 2:00 pm
Location:  UCM Room      Next to the Bookstore on the Breezeway, Boca Raton Campus

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UCM Constitution and By-Laws (PDF Adobe format)
Link to UCM section of the FAU Student Affairs Web site.
Constitution and Bylaws of the UCM Student Advisory Council (PDF Format)
UCM Information
UCM Board
Minutes from recent meetings:

United Campus Ministry
    Director of UCM:          Emily Nowselski
    UCM Meeting Room: SS 141, Next to the Bookstore; Boca Raton Campus
    UCM Board Officers:
      Chair: Mark Jackson                                 Vice Chair: Jeannine Lombard
      Secretary: Gary Wolff                                 Treasurer: Laura Clarke
 FAU Student Groups  Web site, office or email: Current Advisor:  Contact:
 Baptist Collegiate Ministries http://www.geocities.com/fau_bcm
 Florida site:   www.ReaLife.org
  Mark Jackson, (561) 297-2612 
 Ben Coleman   (954 ) 682-0908
 Campus Crusade for Christ http://www.everystudent.com  Mark Jackson, (561) 297-2612 
Christina Urso   (561) 315-8449
 Catch the Fire Christian Fellowship  James Watson,  (561) 297-3536
 Lavilla Wilson  (561) 297-9094
 Chabad - Orthodox Jewish Students    Steve Kizlik     (561) 297-4476
 Rabbi Liberow   (561) 827-3175
 Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship  www.fau.edu/chialpha
 email: chialpha@fau.edu
 Christy Keyes  (561) 297-2408
 Kevin Slack  (561) 297-1104
 FAUND Christian Fellowship   sunnysideup9@excite.com  Mark. Jackson, (561) 297-2612 
 Tim Benham  (561) 395-4901
  Kathy Benham
 Fellowship of Christian Athletes  info@goldcoastfca.com
 Kirk Hoza, (561) 297-1036
 Jeannine Lombard  (954 )755-0186
 Hillel - Jewish Students   www.hillelcenter.org
  (954) 252-6960 
 Brett Klein, (561) 297-3735
 Gary Wolff
 Helping International Students
       Christian Ministry (H.I.S.)
   Laura Clarke, (561) 297-3544
 John Clarke 
 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship  interVarsityfau@yahoo.com  Ingrid Jones,  (561) 297-3049
 Debora Cusick 
 Muslim Student Organization   mso.fau@gmail.com
Desmond Rodney, (561) 297-1025
 Rubayat Khan
 Newman Club - Catholic Students  faucatholic@yahoo.com
 Rosemary Dunbar, (561) 297-3615
 Terrence McCorry     (561) 297-3729
 The Tree of Life 
    Christian Fellowship 
 ucm_fau@yahoo.com  Elise Angiolillo
Yoshua Carhuamaca  (561) 306-6307
 Victory Bible Club    James Watson, (561) 297-3536
 Shyvonna Rolle (954) 427-0302
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UCM Board - 2006-2007 Academic Year
 UCM Board  Position  phone  email Role on the Board
 Elise Angiolillo  Director, FAU 
 Telecomm. Services
 (561) 297-2500  Elise@fau.edu  UCM Board member
 Morley Barnett   FAU Inspector General   (561) 297-6493  mbarnett@fau.edu  UCM Board member
 Laura Clarke  FAU Student Affairs  (561) 297-3544  hclarke@fau.edu  UCM Board Treasurer
 Tim Benham  Campus Chaplain  (561) 395-4901 x 17  full872@bellsouth.net  FAUND Christian Fellowship 
 Gary Wolff  Campus Chaplain  (561) 305-3419  gary@hillelcenter.org  Hillel; UCM Board Secretary
 Ben Coleman  Campus Chaplain   (954 ) 682-0908  BenColeman@parkridgebaptist.com  Baptist Collegiate Ministries
 Mark Jackson  Faculty, FAU Dept. of 
 Chem.&  Biochem.
 (561) 297-2612
 H: (561) 392-6687 
 jacksonm@fau.edu   UCM Board Chair
 Jeannine Lombard  Campus Chaplain   (954) 755-0186  Jeannine@goldcoastfca.org  Fellowship of Christian
 Athletes;  UCM Board Vice-Chair
 Emily Nowselski   UCM Director  (561) 395-1665 
 FAU:297-3000  x  6549
 ucm_fau@yahoo.com  UCM Director
 Jim Black  Campus Chaplain       Helping International 
 Students Christian Min.
 Shyvonna Rolle  Campus Chaplain  (954) 427-0302  nurserolle@yahoo.com  Victory Bible Club
 Kevin Slack   Campus Chaplain  (561) 297-1104  kslack@fau.edu  Chi Alpha Christian 
 Terrence McCorry  Campus Chaplain  (561) 504-3809  mccorry@fau.edu  Newman Club
 Boruch Liberow  Campus Chaplain   (561) 827-3175   rabbilib@yahoo.com  Chabad 
 FAU Student  UCM-SAC
 FAU Student  UCM-SAC
 FAU Student  UCM-SAC
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Meeting minutes:
July 22, 2003  UCM Board Meeting.
The UCM Board unanimously approved the revised Bylaws (9-0 vote to approve).
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