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Nobel Symposium Program

The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science is the organizing sponsor for the Nobel Symposium Program and Dr. Narayanan serves as the Chair of this Program.

Nobel Laureate Lecture-Friday, April 27, 2012

The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, FAU and the Vaccine Gene Therapy Institute, Florida present the 2012 Nobel Lecture by Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Ph.D., Director, Unit of Regulation of Retroviral Infections, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France.

Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, Ph.D.

Title: HIV, a discovery highlighting the global benefit of translational research

Friday, April 27, 2012
4:00 - 5:30 PM
Libby and Harry Dodson Auditorium
The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Building
Florida Atlantic University
777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, Florida 33431

RSVP Required.
Please e-mail nobel2012@science.fau.edu to reserve your seat.

Speaker Profile

Françoise Barré-Sinoussi’s, PhD, is the acting Director of the "Regulation of Retroviral Infections" Unit in the Department of Virology at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. She has been involved in retrovirology research since the early 1970's. She is recognized for her contributions to HIV/AIDS research, in particular as the first author of the publication that reported in 1983 the discovery of the cause of AIDS, a retrovirus, later named HIV. In 1988, she became responsible for her own laboratory at the Institut Pasteur and initiated research programs on viral and host determinants of HIV / AIDS pathogenesis. She has also been involved in collaborative programs on HIV vaccine research, using primate models. Currently, the research programs in the laboratory focus on mechanisms required to protect against HIV/SIV infections and/or against early pathogenic signals induced by HIV/SIV (regulation of viral replication and/or regulation) of harmful T cell activation, in particular by components of the innate immunity. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi’s has been promoting integration between HIV/AIDS research and actions in resource-limited countries, through the Institut Pasteur International Network and the coordination of the ANRS research programs in Cambodia and Vietnam. She has been involved in building capacity, training and technology transfers on sites in Africa and Asia. Invited speaker in more than 270 International meetings and/or conferences, she has authored/co-authored 250 original publications and more than 120 articles in book reviews. She is a member of a number of French or international scientific committees and societies, including scientific committees of several International AIDS Conferences. In June 2006, she was elected as an International AIDS Society (IAS) Governing Council member in the European Region. Recipient of more than 10 national or international awards, including the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 together with Prof. Luc Montagnier for her contributions to HIV/AIDS, she was also awarded Doctor honoris causa at a number of universities. A member of the French Academy of Science, she is the next President of the IAS in 2012.

For details on Professor Françoise Barré-Sinoussi’s research, see Unité de Régulation des Infections Rétrovirales

To see Past Nobel Lectures at FAU, see http://www.science.fau.edu/research/nobel.html


      2010 Nobel Symposium
      See picture of the events

Title: Architecture in NanoSpace

Date: Feb 26, Friday, 2010, 4 PM

Speaker profile
Dr. Sir Harold "Harry" W. Kroto, one of the co-recipients of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, now teaches as a Francis Eppes Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at FSU. He is also Member of the External Advisory Board to Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, FAU.

Dr. Kroto's Nobel Prize was based on his co-discovery of buckminsterfullerene, a form of pure carbon better known as "buckyballs." The extraordinary molecule consists of 60 carbon atoms arranged as a spheroid, in a pattern exactly matching the stitching on soccer balls. The configuration reminded Kroto of the geodesic domes designed by the late inventor/architect Buckminster Fuller, hence the name "buckminsterfullerines."

As an ardent advocate for science education, Kroto devotes much of his time and energy to promoting careers in science among young people.

For details: contact Dr. Ramaswamy Narayanan (rnarayan@fau.edu) in the fall 2009.

      Nobel Symposium Book

      Video of Nobel Laureate's Lectures at FAU

Nobel Laureate, Professor Bert Sakmann visits the Department prior to his lecture on Feb 6th, 2009.

  1. Professor Sakmann delivered a lecture entitled "Decision making in a rodent brain: Contributions of Cortical Columns" in the Nursing Auditorium.

  2. Nicole Vanderweit, graduate student in Dr. Frank Mari’s laboratory demonstrating feeding cone snails, which are cultured for the preparation of the venom, to Professor Bert Sakmann during his Nobel Lecture visit.

  3. Mari Heghinian, graduate student in Dr. Mari’s laboratory is talking to Professor Bert Sakmann about her experiments with patch clamp instruments for the discovery of which, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991.

  4. The graduate students and the Chemistry Club students from the department  met with Professor Bert Sakmann and Ramaswamy Narayanan.

  5. Dr. Frank Mari meets with Professor Bert Sakmann and describes his marine drug discovery program with Dr. Narayanan listening.

  6. Dr. Ramaswamy Narayanan presents Dr. Bert Sakmann with a special gift during the Nobel Laureate reception at the Baldwin House.


Nobel Laureate, Dr. Günter Blobel delivered a lecture at FAU on Jan, 2008.

            Video of Presentation by Dr. Günter Blobel, Nobel Laureate


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