Dale E. Gawlik
Professor and Director
Environmental Science Program
Department of Biological Sciences
Florida Atlantic University

Gawlik Lab News and Events

October 2014 - Michelle Petersen was awarded the Rosalyn E. Schonzeit Scholarship ($500) in Environmental Studies from the Department of Biological Sciences.
October 2014 - Michelle Petersen received an $800 travel grant from the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) and a $524 Wood Stork grant from the USFWS to attend the 38th Annual Meeting of the Waterbird Society in La Paz, Mexico.
October 2014 - Jennifer Chastant received a $200 travel grant from the Waterbirds Society and and $800 grant from the GPSA to attend the 38th Annual Meeting of the Waterbird Society in La Paz, Mexico.
March 2014 - Jennifer Chastant won the 2014 College of Science Graduate Association, 1st place Biological in Sciences.
February 8 2014 - Gawlik lab participates in 15th Annual Everglades Day
Spring 2014 - Professor Dale Gawlik presented a opionion piece in the Palm Beach Post.
Fall 2013 - Professor Dale Gawlik and his lab received $463,000 from the Florida Department of Transportation to study the features of road corridors that attract or discourage the Endangered Wood Stork from using them as feeding areas.  This information will be used to design roads that minimize impacts to wetland wildlife and to refine the calculation of how much habitat must be preserved or restored to offset the building of roads through wetlands. 
Fall 2013 - Jennifer Chastant recived the Department of Biological Sciences Courtenay Graduate Scholarship in Conservation Biology, $900
October 2013 - Jennifer Chastant had two photographs selected for placement in the Society for Wetland Scientists annual calendar.
October 2013 - Jessica Klassen won best student presentation award at the Florida Ornithological Society Fall meeting.
Ph.D. candidate Jessica Klassen invited to speak at the A.R.M. Loxahatchee NWR 2013 Science Workshop
Ph.D. Research Assistantships in Avian Ecology (2) for study of wading bird habitat selection and food limitations in South Florida wetlands.
July 2013 - Jessica Klassen was awarded the FAU Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence.
April 2013 - Jennifer Chastant's photograph was selected for exhibition at FAUs Art of Academia.
April 2013 -Jennifer Chastant received the Best Student Presentation Award from the Florida Chapter of the Wildlife Society
March 29, 2013 - Dr. Dale Gawlik was elected as a Councilor for the Association of Field Ornithologists.
March 29, 2013 - The Gawlik Lab attended the Association of Field Orniothologists Annual Meeting and put on a mini-symposium where we discussed results from an integrated collection of questions we are investigating about factors affecting wading bird populations in south and central Florida.
February 26, 2013 – Funding has been renewed for a tenth year for the Aquatic Fauna Seasonal Concentration Project, a long standing study that is part of the Monitoring and Assessment plan of the Comprehensive Ecosystem Restoration Plan (CERP).   This project monitors seasonal prey concentrations to more clearly define the linkage among hydrologic patterns, fish populations, and wading birds.
Sping 2013 - Michelle Petersen received a Student Travel Award to attend the Association of Field Ornithologist's Annual Meeting, $260
February 9, 2013 - At Everglades Day Dr. Dale Gawlik gave a talk titled "Wading Birds: Cream Skimmers and Crumb Pickers" and performed a rocket net demonstration with the assistance of Jennifer Chastant.
Fall 2012 - Michelle Petersen received the Courtenay Graduate Scholarship in Conservation Biology, $900
July 2012 - Leonard Calle received a Association of Field Ornithologists Student Presentation Award, $300
June 29, 2012 - Gawlik Lab members received training in how to trap and handle invasive pythons, which have become established in wetlands throughout south Florida. The training gave researchers hands on experience with live pythons and provided them with the skills necessary to capture pythons that are encountered during field research in the Everglades.
Summer 2012 - Leonard Calle received a Travel Award from the FAU Graduate Student Assocation, $800
April 2012 - Jessica Klassen received the Best Student Presentation Award from the Florida Chapter of the Wildlife Society
Spring 2012 - Leonardo Calle was awared a PADI Foundation Research Grant, $5000

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