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Jeanette Wyneken
PhD: University of Illinois, 1988
Research interests: integrative biology, comparative & functional morphology

Contact information
Office: SC 266
Phone: (561) 297-0146

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Neonate Sea Turtle Tracking

Nelligan Sea Turtle Research Support Fund

Professional Interests and Research Program

My professional goals emphasize maintaining an active research program, training students, and educating the general public. These three goals are the key components of an exciting and rewarding professional career. Training students individually or in the classroom is an important interaction that not only helps the students but also helps me to keep my analytical abilities sharp. Speaking to the public serves an important function not only in the education of my audiences but also provides me with insight into how science and scientists are perceived by nonscientists. These interactions, too, are never one-sided.

My research program addresses how organisms contend or interact with their environment. I draw upon ideas and methodology from many biological disciplines including evolutionary biology, conservation biology, functional morphology, ecology, ethology, physiology, and developmental biology. Evolutionary processes and adaptation are important considerations in my work. My broad-based training enables me to address such diverse questions as how behavioral patterns are associated with migratory swimming in sea turtles and how effective are hatcheries, a common sea turtle management technique? How sex ratios in sea turtle skewed and if so what does that imply? Other, current research stresses the implications of an animal's structure and behavior to how it functions within its environment. I examine how suites of morphological characters either constrain behavioral options or are exploited to allow behavioral plasticity. My studies are comparative and include morphological, behavioral, and physiological analyses of swimming behavior in hatchlings of three sea turtle species as they undergo offshore migration, and how sea turtle visual systems differ among species. Other ongoing studies include empirical assessments of predation on sea turtle hatchlings in urban settings and studies of egg and hatchling energetics. I am currently writing a book entitled The Anatomy of Reptiles that summarizes available information on a variety of ecologically and phylogenetically diverse reptile taxa. Recent work explores the use of CT and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) to investigate morphological adaptations in reptiles. These new imaging techniques are ideal for understanding the normal form of skeletal elements and soft structures (e.g. stomach, brain, kidneys), tracing blood flow, and identifying anatomical positions and landmarks of structures in vivo.


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ARAV abstract


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Spatial, Temporal and Dietary Overlap of Leatherback Sea Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) and Ocean Sunfishes (Family Molidae)
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