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C. Edward Proffitt
Associate Professor
PhD: Univeristy of South Florida, 1983
Research interests: Ecology of marine & estuarine macrophytes & invertebrates

Contact information
Florida Atlantic University, Department of Biological Sciences, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, 5600 U.S. 1 N. Fort Pierce, FL 34946
Phone: (772) 465-2400X 569
Email: cproffit@fau.edu



Elsey, T., B. Middleton, and C.E. Proffitt. In press. Seed dispersal and seedling emergence in a created and natural salt marsh on the Gulf of Mexico coast in southwest Louisiana. Restoration Ecology

Proffitt, C.E., E.C. Milbrandt, and S.E. Travis. 2006. Reproduction and Recruitment of Rhizophora mangle (Red Mangroves) in Charlotte Harbor Following Hurricane Charley. Estuaries and Coasts 29:972-978.

Proffitt, C.E., R. Chiasson, A. Owens, K. R. Edwards and S. E. Travis. 2005. Facilitation and suppression of high marsh species by Spartina alterniflora in an early successional salt marsh. Journal of Ecology 93:404-416.

Edwards, K.R., C.E. Proffitt, and S.E. Travis. 2005. Ecological and genetic impacts of a large-scale marsh dieback on Spartina alterniflora (smooth cordgrass) in the northern Gulf of Mexico, Estuaries: 28:204-214.

Proffitt, C.E. and D.J. Devlin. 2005. Long-term growth and succession in restored and natural mangrove forests in southwestern Florida. Wetlands Ecology and Management 13:531-551.

Proffitt, C.E. and S. Travis. 2005. Albino mutation rates in red mangroves as a bioassay of contamination history in Tampa Bay, Florida. Wetlands 25:326-334.

Proffitt, C.E. and D.J. Devlin. 2005. Grazing by the intertidal gastropod Melampus coffeus greatly increases mangrove leaf litter degradation rates, Marine Ecology Progress Series. 296:209-218.

Travis, S.E., C. E. Proffitt, and K. Ritland. 2004. Population structure and inbreeding vary with successional stage in created Spartina alterniflora marshes. Ecological Applications. 14:1189-1202.

Proffitt, C.E., S. Travis, and K. Edwards. 2003. Genotype and elevation influence Spartina alterniflora colonization and growth in a created marsh. Ecological Applications 13:180-192.

Cahoon, D.R., P. Hensel, J. Rybczyk, K. L. McKee, C. E. Proffitt and B. C. Perez. 2003. Mass tree mortality leads to mangrove peat collapse at Bay Islands , Honduras after Hurricane Mitch. Journal of Ecology 91:1093-1105.


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