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Charles E. Schmidt College of Science



Rod Murphey
Chairman, Biology Department
Director, Jupiter Life Science Initiative

Ph.D.: University of Oregon, 1970

Contact information
Office: SC 140
Phone: (561) 297-0384 (Boca)
(561) 799-8322 (Jupiter)

Email: rmurphey@fau.edu



Research Interests

The focus of my lab is development, degeneration and death in the nervous system. We combine molecular genetics, cellular neurophysiology and numerous imaging techniques to study these issues in model genetic systems. A new confocal microscope provides the most up-to-date methods in imaging, related laser equipment allows us to ablate single neurons in living animals and a variety of physiological tools are used to test synaptic function. Numerous on-going projects take advantage of this instrumentation to address issues of synaptic development and disease. One project examines the role of the ubiquitin in the formation and function of synapses. A second project examines the role of synaptic "competition" in the formation of neural circuits. Finally, we study the degeneration and death of DOPA cells under oxidative stress as linked to Parkinson's disease. This latter project is part of a larger collaborative project in the Biology department that includes a number of other faculty investigators who are also working on oxidative stress in the nervous system. A number of other labs in the Department also use model genetic systems to address these issues of neural development and disease in Drosophila.  



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