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Charles E. Schmidt College of Science


Biology Faculty

Name Rank Research Campus
R. Anderson Asst. Prof Behavioral ecology, cognition, avian biology, bioacoustics Boca Raton
J. Baldwin Assoc. Prof Population genetics and reproductive biology Davie
B. Benscoter Asst. Prof Plant & Wetland Ecology, Fire Ecology Davie
D. Binninger Assoc. Prof Role of oxidative damage to protein in aging Boca Raton
W.R. Brooks Professor Marine behavioral ecology; symbiology Boca Raton
J. Caruso Instructor Boca Raton Medical microbiology, immunology, parasitology Boca Raton
B. Claiborne Professor Structure and Function of individual neurons in the mammalian brain Jupiter
K.Dawson-Scully Asst. Prof Neurobiology of cellular stress and neuroprotection Boca Raton
D. Devlin Res. Asst. Prof Plant-invertebrate interactions HBOI
N. Dorn Assoc. Prof Freshwater Ecology, Community Ecology Davie
N. Esiobu Assoc. Prof Environ microbiology, drug resistance, antimicrobiosis Davie
E. Frazier Instructor entomology, plant/insect interactions Boca Raton
D. Gawlik Assoc. Prof Avian & wetland ecology Boca Raton
T. Godenschwege Assoc. Prof Neurological disorders and diseases, nervous system development, axonal guidance and synaptogenesis Boca Raton
J. Hartmann Professor Immunotherapy for adult chronic lymphocytic leukemia & lupus Boca Raton
C. Hughes Assoc. Prof Evolutionary genetics, and its relationship to conservation Davie
K. Jia Asst. Prof Molecular regulation of aging Boca Raton
S. Kajiura Assoc. Prof Functional morphology & sensory biology of fishes Boca Raton
M. Koch-Rose Professor Marine botany & nutrient cycling in tropical systems Boca Raton
J. Kumi-Diaka Assoc. Prof Reproductive pathopysiology - oncology Davie
H. Lyons Assoc. Prof Cellular physiology, cell signaling processes Davie
G. Macleod Assoc. Prof How mitochondria support & influence neurotransmission, pH homeostasis at synapses Jupiter
A. Marsh Emeritus marine invertebrate ecology Boca Raton
S. Milton Assoc. Prof Vertebrate anoxia tolerance, sea turtle physiology Boca Raton
R. Murphey Prof & Chair Development and Degeneration of synapses Boca Raton
R. Narayanan Professor Bioinformatics, cancer gene discovery, antisense Boca Raton
E. Noonburg Asst. Prof Ecological Modeling Davie
M. Porter Asst. Prof Biomechanics and functional morphology, ecology, and physiology Boca Raton
C. E. Proffitt Assoc. Professor Ecology of marine & estuarine macrophytes & invertebrates HBOI
M. Salmon Research Prof Animal behavior Boca Raton
M.J. Saunders Professor Nanostructure analysis using TEM and polarized light microscopy Boca Raton
T. Theisen Instructor Mechanisms affecting population distribution and gene flow in highly mobile marine fishes Davie
H. Weissbach Dist Res. Prof Oxidative damage,ageing, molecular biology, biochemistry Jupiter
J. Wyneken Assoc. Prof Integrative biology, comparative & functional morphology Boca Raton
X.-H. Zhang Assoc. Prof Plant molecular biology & biotechnology Boca Raton


Name Rank Research Campus
F. Dalgleish Assoc. Res. Prof Underwater laser imaging and communications, optical properties in marine environments, sensor networks and fluorescence imaging HBOI
E. Guzman Assoc. Res. Prof Discovery of novel cancer therapeutics including both development of novel molecular target based assays and determination of the mechanism of action of compounds HBOI
D. Hanisak Res. Prof Physiological Ecology of Marine Plants (Macroalgae and Seagrasses), Nutrient Dynamics, Coral Reef Ecology, Biology of Deep-water Macroalgae, Aquaculture (particularly Marine Plant Cultivation) HBOI
B. Lapointe Res. Prof Algal physiology and biochemistry, seagrass and coral reef ecology, eutrophication, marine bioinvasions, marine conservation HBOI
S. Laramore Asst. Res. Prof

Aquatic animal health issues, including biosecurity and disease prevention

Aquatic diseases of aquacultured species, with an emphasis on viral diseases of crustaceans and parasitic diseases of bivalves

P. McCarthy Res. Prof Cultivation and identification of the symbiotic microbes present in deep-water marine sponges; screening for novel antimicrobial agents from marine invertebrates and microbes; and finding biotechnological applications for microbial products. HBOI
G. O'Corry-Crowe Assoc. Res Prof Investigating interactions between these apex predators and their environment HBOI
S. Pomponi Res. Prof Developing in vitro techniques for production of sponge-derived bioactive molecules. HBOI
J. Voss Asst. Res. Prof Coral reef ecology, development of advance molecular technologies with field-based ecological applications, molecular profiling of bacterial communities, marine conservation and management, integration within and among academic disciplines HBOI
P. Wills Assoc. Res. Prof Aquaculture of finfish for food and stock enhancement. Development of new fish species for aquaculture. HBOI
A. Wright Res. Prof Investigation of marine natural products from marine invertebrates and associated bacterial symbionts HBOI


Affiliate Faculty

C. Armishaw Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Molecular bioscience, conotoxins Torrey Pines
I. Baines Aff. Res. Prof Chief Scientific Facilities Officer of the Max Planck Florida Institute Max Planck Florida Inst.
M. Bausher Affiliate Prof Citrus blight, plant disease resistance, molecular differentiation of healthy and diseased states in citrus plants USDA
G. Bossart Affiliate Prof Clinical domestic, marine mammal, fish, and avian medicine and wildlife pathology Georgia Sea Aquarium
M. Cameron Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Inflammatory responses to virus infection, SARS, high throughput genoic screening, gene expression profiling VGTI-Fl
A. Chiba Aff. Res. Prof Molecular Neuroscience University of Miami
N. Chomont Aff. Asst. Prof Mechanisms of HIV persistence and eradication of HIV resevoir VGTI-Fl
J. Christie Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Research Group Leader of Synapse Physiology Max Planck Florida Inst.
L. Coen Aff. Res. Prof Oyster reef ecology, functioning and associated ecosystem services; marine habitat restoration; remote sensing and monitoring of intertidal habitats and water quality; benthic and shoreline ecology, plant-animal interactions FGCU
R. Davis Affiliate Prof Molecular and cellular basis for learning; Diseases that affect learning and memory Scripps Florida
C. Dooley Aff. Res. Prof Pain relief, addiction, food regulation, cells’ response to stresses Torrey Pines
V. Encomio Aff. Res. Asst. Prof The oyster reef restoration project: restoration of the oyster beds of the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon Florida Oceanographic Society
I. Feller Aff. Res. Scientist Animal-plant interactions; insect-plant interactions in estuarine and forested ecosystems Smithsonian Enviro Research Center
G. Fields Aff. Res. Prof Extracellular matrix biochemistry, synthetic protein design and construction Torrey Pines
D. Fitzpatrick Aff. Res. Prof/Scholar Functional organization and development of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex, neural basis of visual perception Max Planck Florida Inst.
T. Frank Assoc. Res. Prof

adaptations to dim light environments in pelagic and benthic organisms

zooplankton ecology, with emphasis on effects of downwelling light on distribution patterns;

vertical migrations of macrozooplankton and micronekton

Nova Southeastern University
R. Gibble Aff Res. Asst. Prof Ecological effects of mineral enrichment in an oligotrophic wetland located in the remaining Everglades A.R.M. Lox. National Wildlife
B. Grill Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Molecular mechanisms of nervous system development Scripps Florida
E. Haddad Aff. Res. Assoc. Prof Generation and maintenance of memory B cells, T follicular helper cell differentiation and function VGTI-Fl
D. Herzing Aff. Asst. Prof Marine mammal behavior Wild Dolphin Project
J. Hiscott Aff. Res. Prof Early events involved in the host response to human pathogenic virus infection, virus-host interactions and novel anti-cancer oncolytic vaccines VGTI-Fl
R. Hueter Aff. Res. Sci. Anatomy, physiology, behavior, ecology, and fisheries biology of sharks worldwide Mote Marine Laboratory
R. Houghten Aff. Res. Prof The tea bag method (solvent permeable packets used during polypeptide synthesis), combinatorial chemistry Torrey Pines
W. Ja Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Dissect genetic pathways involved in health & aging Scripps
N. Kamasawa Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Electron Microscopy MPFI
S. Kishi Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Gene identification and phenotype characterization; Age-related disorders in humans, using zebrafish as a model system Scripps Florida
H. Kwon Aff Res. Assoc. Prof Understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of experience-dependent neural circuit modification using a mouse model MPFI
S. Lapointe Affiliate Prof Development of environmentally appropriate control strategies for the Diaprepes root weevil USDA
K. Mansfield Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Marine biology, ecology, conservation and management; animal behavior; fisheries bycatch reduction; telemetry NOAA Fisheries Southeast Fisheries Science Center
T. Maple Aff. Res. Prof President and CEO, biomedical science research Palm Beach Zoo
K. Martinez-Mayorga Aff. Res. Prof Computational techniques for the development of structural models to aid in the design of new compounds Torrey Pines
C. McKenzie Aff. Assoc. Prof Development of ecologically sound methods to manage pests and diseases of vegetables and ornamentals USDA
M. McLean-Bolton Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Disorders of Neural Circuit Function MPFI
J. Medina-Franco Aff. Res. Prof Computer aided drug design Torrey Pines
D. Miller Aff. Res. Assoc. Prof Pathology of wildlife and exotic species (especially amphibians, sea turtles and marine mammals) University of Georgia
M. Miller Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Director of Conservation Medicine Palm Beach Zoo
J. Moore Assoc. Prof Fish ecology and aquatic habitats, herpetology, and conservation Wilkes Honor College
B. Paegel Aff. Res. Prof Assembly of cell-like compartments Scripps
V. Paul Affiliate Prof Ecological roles of marine natural products, Impact of toxic cyanobacterial (Lynbya spp.) blooms on coral reef habitats Smithsonian Marine Station
A. Rathinavelu Aff. Res. Prof Standardization and Application of Real-Time PCR techniques in gene expression Nova Southeastern University
B. Sakmann Aff. Res. Prof Research Group Leader of Digital Neuroanatomy Max Planck Florida Inst.
J. Schatzle Aff. Res. Prof Genetic and Molecular mechanisms of autoimmunity and tolerance VGTI-Fl
J. Schummers Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Research Group Leader of Cortical Circuits Max Planck Florida Inst.
R. Sekaly Aff. Res. Prof HIV Pathogenesis, Eradication of HIV resevoir VGTI-Fl
T.T. Sutton Aff. Asst. Prof Population dynamics of elasmobranchs, ecology (coastal and deep-sea) of elasmobranchs Virginia Inst. Of Marine Sciences
N. Thompson Aff. Res. Prof Science and Research Director
Northeast Fisheries Science Center
L. Trautmann Aff. Res. Asst. Prof Acute virus infections, cytolytic T cell function, chronic infectious diseases and T cell exhaustion VGTI-Fl
J. Volin Aff. Res. Prof Conservation Biology University of Connecticut
C. Wahlestedt Affiliate Prof Multidisciplinary approach to drug discovery in diseases of the brain (ranging from addiction, pain, affective disorders, Alzheimer’s to ADHD) Scripps Florida
E. Widder Affiliate Prof Protection and restoration of marine ecosystems, and the species they sustain ORCA
S. Young Aff. Res. Assoc. Prof Research Group Leader of Molecular Neurobiology Max Planck Florida Inst.

Emeritus Faculty

D. Austin Professor Botany, plant family: Convolvulaceae, plants of the Baboquivari Mountains in the lower Altar Valley, Arizona Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
G.A. Marsh Adjunct Prof, Emeritus status Marine invertebrate ecology Boca Raton


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