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The Environmental Science Program promotes internships for its students because internships are a form of experiential learning where students learn by doing. South Florida is rich in institutions involved in resource management and research so it is an ideal place to have students engaged in experiential learning as part of their academic studies. Students interested in receiving academic credit for an internship should work early on with their advisor in Environmental Science to ensure that the appropriate academic credits are applied to a particular internship.

Enviromental Resources Management (ERM Group, Inc) is offering a paid, part-time internship opportunity in their Miami office for talented and bright Environmental Science students who are interested in pursuing a consulting career in the future. This role also incorporates some GIS mapping work. Click here for more information.

Arthur R. Marshall Foundation Summer Internship Program offers a paid summer internship focused on the Everglades. Interns gain field experience in the Everglades ecosystem, network with prominent leaders in Everglades restoration, and contribute to to research that impacts Everglades restoration.

Harbor Branch Internships

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Internships

Jonathan Dickinson State Park has opportunities for volunteer interns from early May through August, working on projects involving the Florida Scrub-Jay, exotic species removal, prescribed burning, and other resource management activities. Click here to request information

NCSE Environmental Internships Clearinghouse

The National Council for Science and the Environment has created the Environmental Internships Clearinghouse as an extension to its Campus to Careers Program The clearinghouse enables university students to search for internships in the environmental field and provides a forum for internship providers to tap into a solid community of quality applicants. Click here for more information or here to contact the NCSE.

South Florida Water Management District Internships

United States Environmental Protection Agency Internships

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Internships in the FAU Environmental Science Everglades Research Initiative

The current positions in this internship program are filled. Check back periodically to see when they reopen.

Internships are a key part of the FAU Environmental Science Everglades Fellowship Initiative that is funded by the National Park Service to facilitate restoration of the Everglades ecosystem.  The main objectives of the initiative are to:

  1. Produce high quality publishable scientific papers that provide guidance for the restoration of the Everglades ecosystem.
  2. Provide support and training for outstanding fellows and interns to conduct research that is pertinent to the science, management, or policy needs of National Park Service or other U.S. Department of Interior agencies in South Florida.
  3. Foster synergistic collaborations among faculty and students in the FAU Environmental Science Program and staff at the National Park Service.

Everglades Internships will support particularly motivated FAU undergraduates or MS students to work on a project that supports the restoration of the greater Everglades ecosystem.  The student intern will work closely with an FAU faculty advisor and a staff member from the National Park Service.  Projects should relate in some way to lands managed by Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Preserve, Biscayne National Park, Dry Tortugas National Park, or the A.R.M. Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.
The funds will be given out as grants to individual FAU faculty to support interns for one or two semesters . 

Students are expected to work 20-40 hours per week.  The hourly wage is $13.00 for an undergraduate and $16.00 for a graduate student. Limited support is available for travel and supplies. Students are required to register for 1-3 credits of Directed Independent Study (or MS Thesis if applicable) with their faculty advisor each semester they are supported.  As a requirement of the award, each faculty advisor and intern will produce a 5-10 page final report that summarizes the internship.  The report should be in the format of a basic scientific research paper, including Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion, and Literature Cited. Click here to download the internship policy.

Application Guidelines
Each complete application will contain the following four elements:

  1. A one-page description of the project on which the intern will be working and the expected final product or outcome.
  2. A budget with student wages at the rates below, and up to $2000/semester in cumulative travel and supplies. 
  3. A brief statement (email is fine) of support from a National Park Service scientist working in South Florida verifying that he or she is willing to interact in some capacity with the intern and faculty member on a project that is pertinent to the science, management, or policy needs of National Park Service or other U.S. Department of Interior agencies in South Florida.
  4. A letter of interest, transcript, and CV or resume for the prospective intern. 

Decisions on internships will be made by a multidisciplinary committee and based on the qualifications of the student and how well the project meets the objectives above.  Students do not have to be enrolled at FAU at the time application packages are submitted; however, students do have to be enrolled at FAU and in good standing while they are an intern.  If a faculty member is awarded an internship for a student and the student declines the award, the internship could be directed to another student under that same faculty member, pending approval of the new student by the Fellowship Committee.
Send completed application packages electronically to the "Environmental Science Everglades Fellowship Committee" at envirosci@fau.edu.

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South Florida Water Management District Internship Proigram

The current positions in this internship program are filled. Check back periodically to see when they reopen.

FAU Environmental Science Internships Two internship opportunities at South Florida Water Management District are being offered on a rotational basis though the FAU Environmental Science Program. The positions are available for a minimum of one semester and a maximum of one year. Positions are based on a 20-hour work week with salary commensurate with academic standing (ranging from $13.50/hr for Juniors to $18.00/hr for second year Graduate Students). 

Applicants must be FAU students with a GPA of at least 3.0. Additional requirements may exist for individual internships. Applicants that are selected for an internship must enroll in a Directed Independent Study course under the direction of an Environmental Science faculty member during the semester(s) they are an intern. 

 Submit applications via email to Cynthia Berman at cberman2@fau.edu. Applications should consist of 3 simple parts:

  1. Resume or curriculum vitae, including the contact information for 2 references
  2. Unofficial or official copy of transcripts
  3. Two-page letter of interest that describes why the applicant should be selected for a particular internship position and their interest in Environmental Science. Letter should include the Internship Number of the position or positions for which applicants are applying.

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Internship Links

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