Hello! My name is Alena Rodriguez, and Iím a junior at FAU. Iím working toward a BS degree in biology with a minor in psychology. I developed a passion for life sciences early in high school and have been studying for a career in biology ever since. My goal is to become a research biologist.


Alena Rodriguez

 During my time at FAU, I have taken advanced science courses, excelled in my academic labs, tutored my peers, and held an executive position for the Chemistry Club of FAU. There was only one thing missing; I had yet to be in a real lab. Luckily, I heard about the URM-NSF program, which is now providing me with the opportunity to do just that! I look forward to participating in this program in hopes that it will provide me with the training and knowledge to be a successful graduate student, and, ultimately, an influential scientist.

Specifically, I am interested in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, as well as biochemistry. I hope to someday be a part of the growing research that aims to find treatments and cures for cancer and other diseases. I am also inspired by biotechnology because its discoveries improve human health.

I am particularly excited about working with my professors. There is such remarkable research going on at FAU, not to mention, right here in Palm Beach County at institutions like Scripps and Max-Planck. I encourage any other inquisitive minds to also get involved with scientific research, as it is a rewarding and prestigious experience!
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