The NSF Undergraduate Research and Mentoring (URM) program at Florida Atlantic University aims to increase the diversity of individuals in biological research and to mentor them in preparation for a graduate and academic career. This is a two-year program, during which the student receives financial support and is matched with a mentor from the Biological Sciences Department. Students actively participate in all steps involved in research from the planning and execution of an experiment, to the analysis and dissemination of the results. The areas of research include: a) Conservation Biology, b) Marine Biology and Behavior, and c) Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology; however, we encourage integration among the specializations. Additionally, students may collaborate on their research projects with Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Scripps of Florida, the Torrey Pines Institute, the USGS, or nearby state and federal laboratories. Exchanges with other universities also participating in the NSF-URM program may be possible during the summer semesters.



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