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About the Lab

Welcome to our website!
We explore the ecological world of plants, from their ecophysiological abilities to their influence on ecosystem function. In particular, we examine the science and ecology of fire in peat-forming wetlands from the arctic to the tropics.
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Lab Members

Meet the people in our lab
We have a great group of people working in our lab as well as collaborators at a number of universities and government agencies. Follow the link for information about our lab members and their research in the Plant Ecology Lab.
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Prospective Students

Interested in what we do?
Whether an undergraduate project or a graduate thesis or dissertation, student-led projects play a large role in the lab's research program. Follow the link for more information on student opportunities in our lab.
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Contact Information

Dr. Brian Benscoter
Florida Atlantic University
Department of Biological Sciences
3200 College Avenue
Davie, Florida 33314 USA
Phone: 1(954) 236 1141
Fax: 1(954) 236 1503

Recent News

Congratulations to Marina on the publication of her undergraduate project in Wetlands! (link to pubs)

Congratulations to Lisa on award of FAU-Everglades National Park Graduate Fellowship!

Join us for our sessions at the 2015 SWS Conference in Providence, RI. Click here for more information.

Dr. Benscoter appointed Local Host Chair for the 2016 ESA Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Stay tuned for more information on field trip and workshop proposals.  Click here for more information.

Dr. Benscoter elected Chair-Elect of SWS Peatland Section and serves as past chair of the Biogeochemistry Section. For more information on these and other SWS Sections, click here.